About us

As the popular wisdom says, the virtue is in the Center, and in our case, we cannot agree more. That´s why we challenge you to discover Sete Quintas in your next getaway.


25km from Coimbra, in Retorta, municipality of Miranda do Corvo, in the heart of Centre of Portugal, bathed by the Dueça river,    you´ll find a piece of heaven. Abandoned for more than 60 years, this former olive oil and flour mills, now recovered, preserve the rustic layout combining the traditional stone and local wood with modern perks such as air conditioning, wi-fi and television with the simplicity of yore.


In total, there are three bedrooms, and two independent houses, guaranteeing every comfort  and privacy. You can also visit our Olive Oil Museum, a homage to the “Galega” olive tree (a typical portuguese olive tree from this region, to our ancestors and their hard daily lives. But nothing eclipses the stunning view to the mountains, the river, the green outside, the biological farm and the swimming pool. Here, the moonlight is brighter, the nights longer and the chirping of the birds anticipate the dawn of the days. 


Before packing …


Quiet, silence and peace are among the things that we most cherish. And, because at Sete Quintas we take our promises seriously, serenity is what you will find when you visit us. 


Yes, it seems like a dream scenario, but we make it real. 

Come and discover the rural and ecological side of Portugal at Sete Quintas.


Turning a vacation into memorable experiences since 2015.

our team

Carlos Pinto

His passion, determination and will are the soul
of Sete Quintas. Born a fighter, is always
looking for new innovative ways to improve
your experience

Mr. Arnaldo

Mr biological, treats the seeds with extreme care and affection. as he defends, "we must talk to the plants,
they like it!". his care and dedication are reflected
on the table

Miss Manuela

always available and helpful with a constant
smile from ear to ear. her happiness and contagious
good heart bring life and joy to all

Filipe Pinto

Given his digital character, he seeks to innovate allying
all the traditional costums we proudly mantain,
bringing sete quintas closer to you